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Brand strategy and design identity

Your brand is how your customer sees you. It's everything you do to show up in the world. Your communications - visual, editorial, interactive, outdoor - it all comes together to create a total experience for anyone who comes in contact with your company. Having a plan for managing the different aspects of your brand is critical. Understanding your market position and how you can compete and win the affections of your customers is essential.

We work with you to acquire that understanding of your business and audiences, and then take a measured approach to developing a unique way of communicating that creates value for your business.

Branding can be equated to reputation. It's that gut feeling your customers feel about you. It's an emotion. You have no control over that, you can only influence it.

Your brand should not be about "selling a good cup of coffee, but selling a great coffee experience". That translates to coffee bean quality, using pure water, grounding correctly and brewing at the right temperature. It's finding the science that turns a product into an experience.



Unlike the web or digital devices, print remains the only tactile connection between your business and your customer. Whether it's a unique business card, a sleek company brochure or an eye-catching direct mailer, it is a viable source for communicating your brand.
Print production has come a long way, utilizing digital technology to increase speed while reducing cost but not sacrificing quality. We have years of experience working 
with local and remote print houses. We know how to get the best results for the best price. We can handle all the production aspects from creation to completion, including managing relationships with printers to keep everything 
on time and on budget.

Web Design

We believe your website can make or break how people see your company. Your site is likely the first place your customer visits to learn more about your service or product. If your website represents you well and technologically supports the user's needs, then it will make that positive first impression which is so key to business success. However, if your website looks dated, is hard to navigate or doesn't function properly, your potential customer has just left your site, probably forever. You have a matter of seconds to impress a user on the web. Through smart design, innovative technology, we know how to drive and keep users on your website, but more importantly, keep them clicking for more.


For most photographers the picture is the end product of the creative process. For inkcredible, it's just the beginning. Today, grabbing audience's attention is getting more difficult by the second. With a unique perspective and an art director’s eye, we capture the image and turn it into a “page-stopper” by adding subtle or stunning visual effects that’s sure to grab your audience's attention.