Emotional Design Is Not Just My Work

It's My Passion

I train and learn more about my craft every day. I’m fueled by caffeine, my passion for emotional design, and a deep-rooted belief that what I do changes businesses.

I train and learn more about my craft every day. I’m fueled by caffeine, my passion for emotional design, and a deep-rooted belief that what I do changes businesses.



Emotional design in its purest sense is visual communications

Once we understand communicating visually, we naturally exchange ideas and receive information. But there’s one aspect of communication which will easily be missed — emotions. For an extended time, product teams focused on creating great usability. But today, the main marketing objective has shifted towards great usability with exceptional emotional impact. Companies are quickly moving from neutral design towards a design that has an emotional impact.

Emotional Design Has A Higher Impact On Advertising

Kevin Taylor is one of the best professional emotional designers

Emotional designers like Kevin Taylor at Inkcredible are the professional solution for scaling advertising concepts and marketing needs. In 2020, more business, large and small, are targeting emotional designs with a scientific approach to advertising.

Designing with technology in mind is more than an internet trend. It’s also has a huge impact on performance because of artificial technology.

The ideology of “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t work for good designs. Brands are searching for tactics to fine-tune their user experience as meticulously as possible, and customized emotional design experience has quickly moved from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have.”



Kevin Taylor owner of Inkcredible is passionate about emotional design



“To have the ability to move in any creative direction and checkmate the competition is one of the most important factors of successful marketing.”

Creative Director focuses emotional design to deliver higher advertising results



“Content is king but, art is subjective. Advertising requires critical thinking, talent, and expression to create something from nothing.”

Creative artistic professional loves emotional graphic design



“One of the best ways to solve a marketing challenge is to change your perspective and realize nothing is impossible.”

Consumers Love Inkcredible's Emotional Designs



Inkcredible is an award-winning graphic & digital design studio in Jefferson Hills, near Pittsburgh PA with 35+ years experience. I specialize in producing emotional designs and marketing concepts. I’d welcome an opportunity to work with you and your team to substantially increase your traffic, leads, conversions, and ROI.

I’m extremely fast and highly proficient at producing omnichannel campaigns without losing any quality along the way. Taking into consideration the fact that one product usually should be released on multiple platforms. It is often challenging to realize this simple goal.

Emotional design delivers larger profits & higher gains

Some of the new emotional design and marketing techniques may be familiar to you, and some surprisingly new. But don’t make the costly mistake to implement creative ideas inhouse.

No matter how easy it seems to be, it’s important to leave creative ideas to the professionals. To achieve optimal results, focus on help users achieve their goals by creating more emotional messages for usable products. That’s why the same old process should never trump creativity. It’s vital to assess every marketing challenge and implement only emotional design solutions that make a far better user experience for your consumers. Supercharge your marketing efforts with smart content and emotional design today.



Why People Love Inkcredible's Emotional Designs

“We depend on Kevin for his creative ideas and digital marketing expertise. His talents, particularly in the areas of branding, multi-media, and social marketing are off the chart. Kevin is ‘The King’ of digital marketing and an invaluable partner.”
“Kevin is 'da King! He always delivers outstanding creative and valuable insight to our marketing team. We feel confident that we’re getting the best creative and advice to drive traffic to our website and generate new business opportunities.”
“INKCREDIBLE has been instrumental at increasing our brand, online visibility, and lead generation with traditional and digital display campaigns. We're continuously impressed with his abilities and level of service. We consider him a key marketing partner in helping drive our dealership.”