How to build Banner Ads (New Guide) that get noticed and deliver great results

Why is it important to build banner ads that get noticed?

There are lots of different ways how to build banner ads that get noticed and deliver great results. Today, it’s important to keep your message in front of your target audience. Professionally designed banner ads are the best ways to make an impact across an over the crowed market place and saturated internet. Online advertising with banner ads is a very effective marketing method to increase traffic, leads, conversion and sales.

In this article, you will learn how to build banner ads that get noticed, deliver great results, and the wonderful benefits behind banner advertising. The first banner ad was created by AT&T as part of the “You Will” campaign in 1994. The digital ad was hosted on, formally known as HotWired. This format forever changed the way advertisers delivered web content to consumers. I have created over 7,000 banner ads, videos, and display ads (and counting) Hot Metal Harley-Davidson® and other types of companies, in all shapes and size, on virtually every media channel. I use real-time analytics to track and measure impressions and conversion rates to better understand the impact power of digital ads and online marketing.

54% of users don’t click poorly designed banner ads because they don’t trust them

Using the right message on your banner ads will help you get noticed

How does banner advertising get your attention, and make you interact? Each website, digital publication, blogs, and social media channels such as; YouTube video ads, Facebook Banners, Twitter Tweets, LinkedIn Posts, Instagram Sponsored Ads, and Snapchat Geo-Filters offer a unique consumer experience and users that digest content differently. Thus, what is good for one, may not work well with the others.

Leveraging generational marketing in your banner ads will deliver great results

Leveraging the right channel and social media platform is essential to building a brand and delivering an effective banner advertising message. Each generation, Millennials, Gen X, & Baby Boomer, have distinctive personalities & responds differently to creative content. 50-something react very differently to a Facebook banner ad than a 20-something who is well-versed in digital marketing tactics.

Banner advertising is display advertising

Static or animated web banner ads consists of several important visual components to deliver a creative message and call to action. Generally, web ads (.jpg, .png, .gif) are created with Photoshop, After Effects, and or HTML5. Display ads are a great way to visually promote an event, product, or service. Most often, banner ads contain a direct link from the display network to a landing page on your website. You can create a banner advertising campaign to run across local search directories, network and news channels, trending blogs, with Google AdWords. Social networks work independently. Have a look at some additional digital media examples.







The function of a banner ad is to generate interest and link traffic to a specific site. SIMPLE, RIGHT?

So, what’s are the benefits of banner ads and on-line advertising?

  1. Brand awareness – with repetition and consistency you can build brand awareness using banner ads. Customers can become familiar with your message and recognize your product or service. Harley-Davidson, Verizon, Target & Nike use banner ads to grow their business with brand advertising.
  2. Lead generator – multiple ads on different channels can expand your reach and expose new customers to your offerings. Often, a newsletter CTA on banner ads can build your customer database.
  3. Retarget your audience – as website traffic increases from inbound banner ads links, so will the opportunity to retarget visitors with follow-up offers when they click away from the website. Retargeting ads are displayed in high volume market sites which have relevant content.
  4. Where to advertise – your digital banners depends on your market niche, message, and content, impressions, target audience, demographics, location, competition, current events, marketing objective, time frame, and budget.
  5. Banner advertising works – traditional print advertising is not scalable and difficult to track results. The advantage of online advertising with banners, videos, blogs, posts, and sponsored ads is that their aspects can be measured and refined to improve performance. The effectiveness of ad campaigns is determined by impressions vs, conversions which are identified as (CTR) click-through rate.
  6. Measure ads for success– The average clickthrough rate reveals how often online users view your ad and engage with your banner ad. CTR can be helpful to determine the quality of your imagery, positioning, and keywords. Across all industries, the average CTR for a search is 1.91% and 0.35% for a display banner ad. Average retargeting ad engagement results are 10 times higher than the typical display ad. Each marketing strategy adds to the over-all marketing objection to build quality traffic with a high (ROI) return on investment.
  7. Common banner sizes and dimensions for on-line advertising– As you can imagine, there are many digital requirements, specifications, guidelines, and best practices for online banner advertising. Typically, ad campaigns contain a common set of standard sizes because the ads are served across multiple networks, on different browsers to desktops, laptops, mobile, and smart devices with distinctive screen sizes and display dimension. Is critical that your banner advertisement is displayed without distortion.

List of standard and commonly used banner size:



Web Sidebar


Medium Rectangle

Page Display


Half Page Vertical

Web Feature


Screen Display




Top Page


Take over



Blog Display

Blog Sidebar















News Feed



Web Accordion

88% is a whopping percentage of online consumers that are less likely to return

Make your banner ads and on-line advertising work

Apply the principles of design and marketing to your banner ad campaign. Begin with a simple market analysis to identify your strength, weaknesses, and identify opportunities. Determine the marketing objectives and set goal values. Define your target audience, their behaviors, likes, and dislikes, but don’t overlook the influencers. Determine what’s the best value proposition. Consider the benefits of search, networks, social channels, leverage their differences, and establish reach.

Now, get creative with your banner ads! I mean really creative!

The internet is saturated with competitive banners ads fighting for space and you must stand out to be successful. Be original. Focus on being different and use creative thinking to turn roadblocks and obstacles into conversions. Manage your expectations. Track and measure digital advertising results.

How to make a great first impression with banner ads that get results

Conclusion: Trust or don’t trust a banner ad – first impressions are everything! Unfortunately, some companies lose thousands of dollars in revenue, lost time, and missed opportunities by having unqualified personnel create poorly designed banner ads. 54% of users don’t click poorly designed banner ads because they don’t trust them and a whopping 88% of online consumers are less likely to return. Use a talented professional artist with years of dependable experience and solid credentials for best results.



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