Beauty Beyond The Surface

Project Description:

Vangura Surfacing Products

Building Products, Manufacturing
Project Type:

Consumer, Whole Sale Contractor, Dealer, Business-To-Business Capabilities Brochure, Direct Mail


Showcase, clients' history, capabilities, product countertop offerings: laminate, Tru-Rez, quartz, Silestone, Vanite, hardwoods, glass, marble, stainless steel, solid surface, the kitchen by Vangura, kitchenware, and home value comparison guide guide in a 12 page brochure.


Position the client as the countertop destination of choice with a high-end visual "show and tell" of quality, value, and endless possibilities.


This brochure refreshed the look of a aging manufacturer and opened the door to new exciting new countertop offerings for consumers, architects, designers, and dealer.

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