Build A Brand ” I Love My Vangura”

Project Description:

Vangura Surfacing Products​

Building Products, Manufacturing
Project Type:
Brand Building with TV & Radio Commercials, Website, Social Media
Products are made on a manufacturing line, and will come and go, but brands are created in the mind and will last forever! The physical value of your products may be easy to calculate, but your consumers' perceptions are what really determine the value and your competitive advantage.
I started from nothing to build this brand. The customer experience was the foundation from which I began to build. I consider my client’s overall business strategy, marketing position, research and identify their competition and target market to discover hidden opportunities.
“I Love My Vangura” is more than a jingle, tag line, or branding statement. It is– because it’s the direct result of marketing and creative genius. It is the art of building value in the same way that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, all value is perceived value. This brand has a unique persona, a long-term relationship, which continues to grow and become more and more meaningful. Vangua enjoys a unique distinction and the ability to stand above in the industry.
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