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Anyone who has every picked up a camera understands that you just don’t shoot a perfect picture every time. No matter how skillfully you are at taking photos it still can be a challenge. Important camera settings help manage light and depth variables to frame and execute a beautiful picture, but sometimes unexpected problems arise. As an example, light spots, hard shadows, unintended lens flare, and overexposure. As a skilled, professional graphic artist, removing people, backgrounds or repairing imperfection is my passion.

Commercial photography service Pittsburgh

Inkcredible produces high-quality commercial photography that is critical if you’re selling a single product or thousands of them. I shoot products of all shapes and sizes with desirable lighting and add photo retouching to effectively display your merchandise. I produced commercial photography for catalogs, attention-grabbing advertisements, conceptual business concepts, brochures, and social media. I’ll work closely with you and your team to make sure that your photoshoot captures the perfect look and meets your highest expectations. Please contact Kevin Taylor to discuss the details of your picture.

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Commercial Photography Editing & Retouching

I offer professional photo editing, photoshop effects, restoration, retouching, enhancement, and manipulation services. My business doesn’t end after the photo is taken. That’s just the start. The final photos deserve special attention and retouching to make it pixel perfect. Ultimately, my goal is to make my clients go wow! And ask, how do you do that? That refined image is commercial photography.

Shoot, Photoshop, Optimize, & Share

Commercial Lifestyle Photography

As a photoshop expert, I digitally compose and manipulate photographs to create surreal images of people to expose their personalities and interests. Lifestyle photography retouching requires in-depth photography, PhotoShop, and lighting knowledge with a profound understand of how to get the best personality with a paramount perspective. Set and frame design and content need to compliment the main focal point. The subject matter, image quality, and crossover applications, are considered while preparing to create commercial lifestyle photography.

My approach is enthusiastically confident combined with a friendly engaging manner while art directing photoshoots. A sharp sense of concept execution is vital to make the shoot productive. Pittsburgh lifestyle photography is filled with great shooting locations with amazing backgrounds and skylines of art deco, French gothic, and midcentury architecture. The University of Pittsburgh in Oakland offers a wide variety of sensational locations surround by lush city parks and urban areas. I’ll capture your lifestyle vision for commercial photography.

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Events & On-Location Commercial Photography

Events and on-location photography may be a niche category that I excel in and enjoy executing. I shoot, retouch and embellish commercial photography in many composition styles such as people who are very pleasing and natural, presidential and stylish, or tough and dirty, to create and capture that larger than life moment.

People in real-life working environments work well in connecting with a viewer and creating an excellent promotional piece. View my portfolio and let talk about what style matches your inspiration.

Top Pittsburgh commercial photography

Maintaining high-quality images demands attention to detail and an unending desire to capture the unexpected. This determination and artistic expression are what sets me apart and keep my commercial photography work appealing and fresh across all categories. Consistency in lighting and concept execution is knowing when it’s not working and experienced to try a new approach.

Digital editing of commercial photography
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Commercial Product Photography

Product photography is generally requested, and pick and delivery are available. Sometimes product photography is straight forward, other times it requires several perspectives to capture the right image. Photographing products requires sharp focus and control of the lighting. Fine-tuning color, contrast, and perspective are all key concepts for in-studio tabletop product shoots.

Although the ultimate commercial photography image may look quite simple, the method and lighting and setting-up are often quite complex. I have more than 15 years of experience shooting all kinds of industrial products, equipment, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, countertops, building products, landscapes, apparel, employees and more. I’d welcome an opportunity to learn about your project and offer recommendations base on my experience, techniques, and perspective to capture the perfect picture.

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