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Envy Is A Beautiful Thing

Project Description:

Vangura Surfacing Products

Building Products
Project Type:

Consumer Magazine Ad, Whole Sale, Business-To-Business, Manufacturing, Digital Banner Ads, Social Media, E-Newsletter Design

Project Details:

Consumer Magazine Ad, Digital Banner Ads, Social Media Ads, E-Newsletter Design


Highlight the benefits of a high quality granite countertop. Handcrafted to perfection.


Instead of being seen as just another kitchen countertop, I emphasized the intrinsic value of the product. I believe when a brand is well positioned, audiences understand and recognize what it stands for, where it fits and why it's the best choice.


This campaign re-position this client in the market place. "Envy is a beautiful thing." is that one descriptive sentence which all consumers understand. This single characteristic that sets their manufacturing, selection, and service apart from competitors.

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