WHY DOES professional Graphic Design HAVE such AN IMPACT on advertising

You have a matter of seconds to capture the attention of a potential customer with graphic design online.


(Yep. That’s fast.)
How that I got your attention. Let’s continue.

Thanks to information overload, consumers now have a shorter attention span than goldfish!
According to the new study by Microsoft Corp., on
“The average attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds, but us humans lose concentration after only eight seconds!”

Graphic design can make a lasting impression

Graphic design needs to be strong. Building a lasting impression requires a minimum of eight touchpoints to get your message across.  

In the business world, I have developed a lot of successful campaigns and seen a lot of unscrupulous advertising. So why do some advertising work and other designs fail? Most often, the concept contains no creative strategy, confusing headline, unprofessional design, poor quality images, no call to action, missing contact information, and the biggest mistake of all; imitating the competitor.

The idea of advertising is to separate yourself from the competition. To make a lasting impression seems quite simple, but it takes strategy, creative thinking, professional design to craft a targeted message that is relatable. Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t be boring. Focus on problem-solving for consumers who are distracted by their own thoughts.


Graphic design benefits from many different types of composition disciplines

Color, photography, typography, illustration, and animation are combined to communicate ideas and force a reaction. Good or bad, graphic design that gets a response is more than art, it’s advertising. A graphic designer must be proficient in many applications and advanced rendering skills to be a master artist.

Graphic design works best with creative ideas

Compelling design and innovative technology help keep users on your website, but more importantly, keeps them clicking for more.

there are Nine professional areas of graphic design

smiling pig with sunglasses

Visual Communication

brand identity, personality, and visual appeal

bus sign outdoor graphic design


collateral marketing materials

magazine rolled up


desktop publishing and subscription journals 

Each discipline requires specialized education, experience, and focus



product storage, shipping, and retail display


a user interface and customer experience


product specifications and schematic 

Graphic design is constantly changing

Therefore, a professional designer needs to frequently learn new skills and techniques to adapt to a constantly changing internet. Producing high-quality digital art for traditional and online media channels requires an expert level of understanding on a cross-section of digital applications. Most qualified designers are well versed in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, XD, Lightroom, Premiere, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Microsoft Word, Excell, Powerpoint, WordPress, Aherf, Yoast, Adwords, and many other web applications.

special effects graphic design film canister shatter

Special effects (SFX)

theater, video, and film production


sequence and render effects to generate motion

environmental open air abstract illustration on building wall


murals, statues, sculptures, art exhibits    

graphic design computer on desktop

Find the right Graphic designer that is perfect for your project

Digital design, production, illustration, fashion, and advertising are regularly seen as graphic design. Yet, each skillset is very different, but all involve some form of communicating and ability to solve marketing problems. Graphic artists create original artwork which is protected by intellectual copyright. Graphic artwork cannot be reused or repurposed. Sometimes this process involves many different forms in mediums.

Graphic design is used in a combination of media channels with many rendering techniques.  Artist collaboration with clients, designers, managers, editors, directors, writers, programmers, to create digital and traditional kinds of advertising. Each curriculum has a foundation in graphic arts and communications.

Graphic design is a mixture of professional art, advertising, marketing, and production skill sets that you can’t talk about one without including the others.

The digital art field is expanding rapidly, and there is a high demand for specialized, highly-skilled, designers who understand the principals of marketing.

The right graphic designer that is perfect for your project

Finding the right graphic designer that is perfect for your project is simple and easy. Kevin Taylor with Inkcredible has 35+ years of experience in graphic and digital design, brand strategy, marketing, communications, promotions, publication, packaging, open-air, production and more!

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