High Definition Laminate Kitchen Countertop

Project Description:

Vangura Building Products

Building Products
Project Type:

Consumer Product Launch, Tru-Rez Logo, Jingle, TV & Radio Commercials, Website, In-Store Product Displays, Social Media, & Fleet Graphics


Reposition laminate as a high definition countertop option and/or replacement for low end Granite.


Our "younger" target required the product offering to be new, exciting, colorful, and authentic. We did not hide our agenda or product values, which positioned this countertop as a better, more resilient, affordable alternative to higher cost Granite. We selected one of Docherty Modeling Agency's most talented young models, and honor student of a major Ohio University to star in the campaign. A legendary Pittsburgh music director and composer, produced the sound track and jingle.


The creative delivered, excitement, trust and transparency. No “smoke and mirrors” and tied in the original branding campaign "I Love My Vangura" developed by Kevin Taylor, INKCREDIBLE. Campaign was received with high marks from the advertising community.

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