Hot Metal Harley Davidson Website Redesign

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Project Description:

Hot Metal Harley-Davidson®

Powersports, Motorcycles
Project Type: website UI / UX redesign
Create a better, responsive user experience (UX & UI) to enhance the customer's promotions, products, and loyalty by improving usability and design and function.
Our strategy and content began with a local and national competitor website and blog analysis. We partnered with a national, award-winning, SEO provider to build a more intuitive, user friendly, searchable content desktop and mobile website.​
Double digit growth has propelled Hot Metal Harley-Davidson's on-line visibility, traffic and conversions. Ultimately the goal is to maximize business and marketing goals to user’s needs through a process of design, structure, and SEO refinement to continue to push the industry forward as the leading Harley dealer in the region.
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