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Increase Website Traffic Speak Google

Increase Your Website Traffic With These Small Business Marketing Tips

Like it or not, it’s tough to increase your website traffic and get noticed on the web! Is your local business showing up when it’s searched for your service terms? Take a look at these small business marketing tips to help your local business be more successful online.

You want to get noticed and Increase Your Website Traffic. Right? Well, let’s start with the basics. You have to learn to speak and listen to Google. Yep, Google has its unique languages or algorithms, which is consistently changing and optimizing. It is fluent in virtually every language. But businesses struggle every day with SEO trying to communicate. So, let’s say you be able to webpage or blog page. Rank on Google, your page must contain great content. Meaningful contact that users are searching for. Start thinking about what your customers would search for before you write your article. Think of your headline or page title as the index section of a book.  On your page you clearly outlined your subject, being careful not to overuse the keyword or subject. It’s best to use complementary terms and synonyms were possible. Also, optimize your images. A beautiful image can set the stage for your article. But a nice image that is too large and not optimized will slow down the page load time. Describe the image with alt tags. Be sure to link internally and externally. That’s the easy part.

Make Sure Your Local Listings Are Up-to-date to Increase Your Website Traffic

Local listings are web resources that contain basic business information about your company. In today’s mobile-friendly world, it’s important to make sure your local listings are accurate and updated regularly because local searchers are using this information to hunt out you both online and at your physical location. Having misinformation on listing sites is often detrimental to your business, especially when customers are spending time looking up your business’s directories for addresses or phone numbers. If your listings are exposure in search results with misinformation, we propose you audit local listing sites for your business name across the online and make corrections where it’s necessary.

Here’s a dirty little secret. Local listings, directories, and citations can get very expensive quickly. Only a handful are free. Most often, free listings are limited to your name, address, and phone number.

Keep Your Social Media Accounts Active To Increase Your Website Traffic

We know it’s extremely hard for small business owners to keep your social media accounts active. Social media may be the last thing on your mind, but social media is an effective and important way to communicate with your customers and to increase your website traffic. Planning and scheduling out your posts will be key for actively keeping your business’s social profiles engaging. Make sure to post content that grabs the eye of your audience by posting colorful images, asking questions, and sharing tips that you simply think will interest your audience. Keeping your platforms active will help boost engagement, allowing you to create strong relationships and brand presence.

Show How You Are Relevant is one of the best ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

What business-related challenge can your business solve? This is the big question you should be asking as you prepare to Increase Your Website Traffic. The new year is coming. The money will be spent – it’s inevitable. Every business is trying to work out a way to get their slice of that pie. You could just blast a big email sale and use Facebook ads, Instagram posts, and Twitter tweets. Consumers love (and frankly expect) a good discount. Social media should be a part of your marketing strategy and a solid way to Increase Your Website Traffic.

Doing the same thing as your competition is not going to separate your business from the competition. Not when most are throwing sales and offering discounts. If you would like to face out from the gang (and reap a bigger percentage of the profits) you would like to point out to your audience that you’re not just offering a better deal. You are also saving them time and money. Today, it’s not enough to toot your own horn. You’ve got to spread the word. Your customers can be very influential in helping you increase your website traffic. Testimonials, reviews, videos, reviews, comments, and posts can’t help build your online presence and increase your website traffic

Does your e-commerce business offer special deals with shipping and handling or creative gifts for those impossible-to-shop-for men in your family? Let’s say your real estate business offers free home staging preparation or title transfer services for home sellers. Or your spa can offer packages to help moms escape from the holiday bustle or recover after the New Year celebration. Whatever your business, find a way to show how you can make your client or customers’ experience a bit less stressful and they will stay on your website longer.

Thank Your Customers to Increase Your Website Traffic

It’s always nice to thank your customers, and now is the perfect time to do so. Whether it’s thanking them with many thanks cards or with offers and promotions, you would like your customers to feel appreciated and keep your business top-of-mind when they’re making their next purchasing decisions. About 44% of consumers made one purchase last year based on a promotional email they received. Giving your customers’ promotions, whether it’s through emails or social media, is a great balance to influence them to visit your website.

Here is the bottom line to Increase Your Website Traffic

Provided content that people are searching for is only part of the solution. It requires a marketing strategy to create information and build a resource that will help attract visitors to your site. Now, add all of your local competitors into the mix. Then add PPC ads (pay-for-click) on Google. Also, add the hidden tricks of the trade, which you may not recognize, that siphon off your customers. Now, you may be thinking, it’s not as easy as it sounds. And you would be correct. Read these 6 Easy Steps To A Higher Ranking Website to Increase Your Website Traffic.

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