Mobile Safety Camera Sales Sheet

sales sheet design of intec mobile safety camera with camera and application pictures and product specifications
Project Description:

Intec Video Systems

Technology, Manufacturing
Project Type:
Business-to-Business Product Sales Sheet
Design a product sales sheet for Intec Video Systems which listed the capabilities of a mobile safety camera for pre sales. Naturally, features, product benefits, and specifications, and contact is a lot of critical information which needed to be displayed in a clean, easy to ready format so that product engineers could reference.
This mobile safety camera sales sheet was visually designed to move move the reader easily across the sales sheet. Application images added context to product, and accent color blocks helped code, identify, and organize the sales sheets throughout different product lines. The graphic design of the sales sheet needed to display each section of information without appearing overcrowded, competitive, or hard to read.
This sales sheet became the company standard for production identification.
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