INKCREDIBLE understands how important it is to protect your privacy. This document identifies what information we collect when you visit our site, or place an inquiry on our site. It also explains how we use that information and how you can change how we use it.

Information we collect

1. Personal Information – when you place an inquiry we may collect certain personal information from you including your name, address, telephone number, email address. This information is considered personal identification. This information is protected by the use secure web server and is protected by other internal systems.

2. Non-Personal Information – Like most other websites, INKCREDIBLE uses cookies to collect some information. Cookies do not contain information that can identify you, though it may be combined with your personal information. This information will be used to understand our visitors and their actions on our site. This information enables us to make your experience on our website valuable and improve your overall usability experience. We may also use information to understand additional ways to market our services.

Disclosing your information

There are only extreme cases when we will disclose your personal information. They include (but are not limited to) cases where we are requested to do so by law through a governmental agency, a court order or if we believe that it is required to be in compliance with any law. We may also need to disclose this information if we believe that you may cause danger to yourself or to others.


Above we indicated the use of cookies on our website. These are small data files that contain specific information regarding your computer browser, your ISP and other non-identifying information. Cookies do not contain any personal information such as your name, your address, your email address or any other personal information that you provide to us.

Each internet browser has options that enable you to refuse to accept cookies. The help and preference files associated with your browser can provide full instructions block cookies.

Mailing Lists

Email Lists – We set up an email list for the convenience of our visitors. This email list often provides you with advanced notification regarding new services, sales offers, and other news from INKCREDIBLE. Email addresses will not be shared with anyone outside of the staff of INKCREDIBLE.

If you are on INKCREDIBLE ‘s email list and wish to be removed, simply email us We will remove you as quickly as possible. We ask you to bear with us as this may require a reset of our server. You may receive one or more additional emails before you are removed from the list.

Regular Mailing List – We may also maintain postal mailing list. You may remove your name from that list by calling us at 412-779-2024 or by sending us a written request at the address on the email. Please include your mailing label with all written requests to ensure that we can locate your information. You may receive one more mailing from us before you are removed from our mailing list.

INKCREDIBLE will not sell or rent any of your personally identifiable information to third parties. We collect, store, and process your personal information on servers located in the United States. We use the information we collect about you in order to:

1) Provide our services and process your transactions.

2) Provide customer service.

3) Determine your eligibility to receive exclusive offers for specials and/or products.

4) Improve our products and services.

We do not utilize your information on behalf of third-party service providers.

Re-Marketing Campaign Disclosure

In implementing the pixel, I acknowledge that I will be enabling behavioral marketing on my site. I understand and agree that I must comply with applicable law with respect to behavioral marketing and my site’s privacy policy must disclose the use of such pixel for behavioral marketing purposes. INKCREDIBLE disclaims any and all liability relating to my use of the pixel.


Please note that email is not data encrypted. Lack of data encryption means that your emails are not considered a secure means of transmitting personal information. We will never ask for sensitive personally identifiable information via email.

If you go to other websites from links on our page(s) they will have different privacy policies, and terms of service. INKCREDIBLE is not responsible for the content of any of these other sites. It is up to you as the visitor to that site to ensure that you review our terms of service as well as the privacy policies.

Changes to this policy

We may periodically update our privacy policy. Any changes made will be posted in this document and can be identified by the date at the end of the document. By visiting INKCREDIBLE’s website you agree to accept any changes we have made to this policy. Our Privacy Policy only addresses the use and disclosure of information we collect from you on our website. Each change to this policy will be dated so you can ensure you are reading the most recent copy.

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Phone: 412-779-2024

Privacy Policy updated at of: 10/07/2018