INKCREDIBLE is an award-winning, digital marketing web design studio offering big agency creative and digital marketing services for less by leveraging branding tactics to increase visibility, traffic, leads, and conversions. Through a measured approach we can discover hidden potential in people, markets, search volume, and businesses.


INKCREDIBLE is Google Certified, Microsoft and Bing Accredited, offering digital marketing, brand building through a better user interface and over all experience. I specialize in brand development, marketing plans, and digital programs for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer based companies. Through research, critical thinking, and creative talent I develop powerful messages that get attention.


Responsive website design, graphic design, photography, and video and multimedia are the most important syndication tools for your business. Visual communication is a major factor for increasing engagement. Use award-winning, goal-driven, advertising campaigns to engage and entice customers to respond to a strategic message.


I don’t just dream about what could be; I create what will be. My portfolio contains award-winning creative that gets results. I specialize in everything from logos, brochures, digital ads, branding ads, sale sheets, direct mail, websites, web campaigns, radio, and broadcast commercials, billboards, outdoor advertising


Complete the form below and let’s work together to acquire an understanding of your business goals, market, target audience, and influencers. Tell us what type of service you are looking for. Then, we’ll take a measured approach to develop a unique and relevant message to increase your traffic, conversions, leads, and provide value for your sales funnel.


100 Meadow Lane, Jefferson Hills, PA 15025

Phone: 412-779-2024Email: kevin@inkcredible.me


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