Video Motion Graphics will set your brand in action


Video & Motion Graphics will inspire, engage, and convert

Video & motion graphics is the next big trend to connect to your consumer base. Today, smartphones and professional editing software like Adobe Premiere can turn raw footage into flawless videos. If you are not making optimal use of visual media as a part of your marketing strategy, your brand message isn’t impactful as it can be. My content strategy is designed to engage and build brand recognition quickly and effectively. Video & motion graphics will add an entirely new dimension to your promotional, training, marketing, and presentation materials.

Video & Motion Graphics are vital To Succeed In Business

Great engagement isn’t just about selling a product – it’s about telling a story. I use industry-leading video editing software and powerful creative tools for color, graphics, and audio, for producing original video content for film, broadcast, web, and more. I create video & motion graphic content that gets results. Done right, video and video marketing can be the most relatable type of communications when you utilize quality production, real people, and real stories.



Video & Motion Graphics reveal what makes you unique

There is no better way to visually enhance your marketing efforts or brand story than through the use of professionally produced video & motion graphics. Whether you would like to feature a product, create a video ad, announce an initiative, support your presentation or create an animated logo, I’ll work with your team to craft your story from concept, to script, to storyboard, production, and launch.

Tru-Rez Countertop
:30 Commercial
Any Harley-Davidson You Want
:30 Commercial
It’s Harley Season
:30 Commercial
Laminate Countertop
:15 Commercial
Harley Customer Appreciation
:30 Commercial
Harley-Davidson Thank You
Video Animation
Etta Cox I Love My Vangura
:05 Branding Stinger

Video & Motion Graphics Can Deliver A Powerful Message


Video & Motion Graphis concept storyboard

First, let’s get a clear picture and understanding of what we are doing, why it matters and determine would benefit from viewing this message. We’ll emphasize the parts of the story about the advantages and the emotional impact your products or services can deliver. From there we’ll use the principles of graphic design to sketch the vision and refine the video scenes into a storyboard. Then we’ll develop a script that can function as our roadmap for creative execution.

Video & Motion Graphics production & editing

Once the script is established, we begin to capture b-roll with proper lighting, alongside talent when needed, to capture each scene with cinematic precision. Voice over will be added during post-production inside the editing room. We’ll add the music track, sound effects, and custom animation effects to polish the video. Parts of the video will be used in digital marketing and social media campaigns.



the secret is to feel and not to think

Storytelling. Sometimes video & motion graphics help us make a story best told through animation. Entertained viewers are more likely to recollect and share your message. People recall stories better than text on a page. And making them feel something is much faster and easier than making them think. This is often why we tell stories through video. See more exciting ways to advertise your message. 

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