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Visual communication is the foundation of graphic design

Visual communication is the process of rendering the visual identity of a company, product, or service. Developing an identity which provides meaning is a significant part of all effective advertising messages.

Artists that dedicated their talent to visual communications, brainstorm together with business owners and upper-level management to build a brand style sheet containing a pallet of design styles, colors, typography, imagery, and display techniques that visually represent the brand.

Build a graphic guide and set standards for better visual communication

Graphic designers depend on a comprehensive graphic style guide. In addition, designers source visual reference colors, styles, and acceptable usages examples of online and social channels. This also contains recommended logo usage variations. For example, resolution and size drastically affect display quality and appeared on different monitors, which displays RGB, and projects that requires offset printing using CMYK ink, and spot PMS colors. The task of creating a comprehensive brand guideline will help ensure consistency and brand recognition.

visual communication designs that I have created

graphic display of digital applications used to create visual communications
graphic display of digital applications used to create visual communications

Send the right message

Everyone knows, art is subjective, but good design is not. Visual communication either works or it doesn’t. Just looking good is not enough. Visual communication is commonly misused. The Internet and social media channels are flooded with poorly designed in infographics, and poorly designed logos.

In-depth knowledge of cross-platform applications is necessary for graphic designers to avoid technical issues, common marketing pitfalls. Understanding visual communications and applying best graphic design rules to create advertising concepts rely on the working relationship between the client, designer, and vendors.

Unlike web or digital advertising, print remains the only tangible connection between your business and your customer. Whether it’s a unique business card, a sleek corporate or capabilities brochure, or an eye-catching direct mailer, it is a viable source for communicating your brand.

Visual communication is everywhere

Today, with expanding digital offerings, artificial intelligence, social channels, and apps your visual identity needs to be communicated effectively and consistently, across various platforms and technologies. Visual communication is now more important than ever before.

More and more companies depend on a specialized artist with visual design skills to broaden the reach of their brand. As online advertising expands and new opportunities emerge, effective visual communication will have a heavy impact on success.

Spread the word with effective visual communication

At Inkcredible, we believe that an essential part of visually building a unique identity begins with collaboration and a clearly defined project scope. We are highly trained in visual communication, brand strategy, and platform optimization.

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