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Web Design To Increase Website Business During COVID-19

How more than ever, web design is critical for today’s business. Your website is the main touch point for customers. It’s how to communicate, educate, schedule appointments and do business on the web.

Life and business may never be the same because of the devastation and unpredictability of the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, a strategically designed website is critical to operating business today.

Essentially, every business, both large and small, are experiencing difficulty. Everyone is trying to adapt to the new normal. But smart companies are seeing an increase in web traffic. Your business could also benefit from a new web design and a surge in traffic. A professional web design can help you dominate local search results and expand your online presence.

Web design for B2B and B2C companies are now the most important marketing and sales tool because of the increase in online consumption demand due to the quarantine, social distancing, and working from home for fear of catching COVID-19.

My clients and I realize it’s the perfect time to expand, redesign, and increase their existing web presence. Companies with existing web sites which have not been updated are being penalized by Google. Small shops with user friendly web sites are seeing this as a time to pursue local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to increase traffic, improve conversion rates, and grow revenue during this trying period. According to Forbes, Covid-19 has pushed up internet use by a huge 70%, Business of all sizes should not ignore the massive opening to redesigning their site with a new web design to take advantage of this opportunity for growth.

Nobody knows how long this pandemic will last, and businesses will need to adapt to a new online normal. Web design with smart content and easy to use navigation is the new business reality.

People are counting on local search results for several of their supplies and goods while storefronts remain closed. These new circumstances force companies to focus their efforts on web design, especially those that concentrate on products, and services.

E-commerce Web Design

Online shopping is now business as usual. Ordering groceries and supplies are one thing, but now people are trying to find online services and technologies for everything. Communication options and networking capabilities offered for schools and businesses like Zoom and Skype meetings have taken-off since the lockdowns started.

All of this increased demand means an increased need for web designers with a huge array of skills at their disposal. Designers with WordPress, design and marketing skills, and cybersecurity experience are extremely important. Customer interfaces and relationship management is incredibly valuable, and online shopping portals rely tremendously on cybersecurity and customer service help.

It is crucial for businesses to implement new strategies to capture this rising growth in demand for goods and services online. Companies that understand the benefits of outsource web design to Inkcredible, the top Pittsburgh professional web design agencies.

It’s natural for people to disconnect in times of crisis. This reaction can cause supply shortages even when supply lines are running smoothly.  Hoarding and overstocking can become a severe issue, but despite people’s fears of supply shortages, consumption rates have also increased. Even in times of crisis, if it’s there, it’ll be used.

UI/UX Web Design

This new boost isn’t only localized to e-commerce web designers. UI/UX design will likely also see a big increase. Even before the pandemic, the economy was changing. The add-to-cart page has been choking out mom-and-pop businesses, and Covid-19 is possibly just the catalyst which will push this virtually overnight.

Under quarantine, many products and conveniences became essential, and lots of users are struggling with finding services online. This doesn’t outway the devastating impact on our economy and way of life, except for many businesses, it can perhaps be a bright side . That bright side may shine the brightest when it involves skilled web design demand. With a newly evolving workplace that has been transitioning rapidly from storefront to fullfilment, new requirements for innovative UI/UX solutions have appeared. The definition of a desirable and successful user experience has changed overnight, and web design is increasingly important and in high demand to satisfy the requirements of this quickly changing landscape.

The conveniences of online shopping were ramping up before this pandemic. Prime two-day shipping was once this unimaginable speed, but people were demanding faster and faster while searching for more convenience than ever. Now today, these delivery services are largely backlogged and booked solid, and corporations are having trouble maintaining inventory to balance demand. Walmart’s contact-less delivery service is currently booking every week beforehand. Companies offering online ordering for delivery are running into supply problems. 

These shortages aren’t just limited handy sanitizer, cleaning products, and toilet tissue, but include many business products and services. Sales, service, installation and delivery solutions are the measuring stick of customer service. Much of this process is reliant on well-functioning web development fundamentals.

Social networks have also seen a surge in user numbers within the past months as people are trying to find ways to remain in-tuned within these new physical limitations. Before Coronavirus, social networks like Facebook and Instagram were starting to see a decline in growth rates as people were making a move to limit screen time.

Now, Facebook quarterly earnings rise to $5.18 billion. More traffic requires new functionalities and potential is foreshadowing new endeavors into the social networking sector. The UX for social media platforms is incredibly important, and this latest surge in users opens the door for brand spanking new innovations in UX web design.

Times and business are changing very quickly, and our way of life is forced to evolve very rapidly. The key to success in these uncertain times will surely be found in web design and online innovation. Wherever innovation is required, you can be sure web design and smart content with user friendly strategy will shape the brand and business model.